About Us

Ozgen Insurance Reinsurance Brokers Ltd. partners are the third generation of a family being in the insurance sector since 1930, and they are working in the insurance sector for more than 35 years.

Although the  company is specialized for vertical markets such as industrial companies including their production liabilities, and some other vertical areas.

Ozgen also insures a large scale of insurance customers, icluding individuals and companies.

seyahatsigortam.com is the internet-friendly face of the company, and for more than ten years, travel  policies of all sorts are sold by credit card to the end-users and professionals.

With its technical experience and knowledge,Ozgen Insurance Reinsurance Brokers Ltd. is giving insurance consultancy services to some big companies having their own insurance agency.

Ozgen is also gives advising services to some companies obliged to buy insurance policies from the insurance company of the creditor bank.

Ozgen Insurance Reinsurance Brokers Ltd. is always willing to work for the benefit of its customers.